2K Dash Rewards



At Trend Micro we place great importance in finding the right solution for our customers. This means that our vast portfolio of products must be available to our Partners if we are to best serve our customers’ needs. For the first time, we have a channel incentive that integrates almost every Trend Micro product. You can now choose to sell any of these 18 solutions and you will be eligible for a Trend Micro Reward. Please see below the number of seats you must sell in order to guarantee your prize. Please note that the number of seats sold is an aggregate quarterly figure across all eligible products. The seats can be accumulated over any multiple of deals and products sold. The total amount of seats sold throughout the complete quarter is the final total.

All orders are tracked automatically so there is no requirement to register for Trend Micro Rewards. Each participant’s orders will be calculated at the end of the quarter by Trend Micro and the winners will be issued with a login and pin for the Rewards Store.

No. of Seats Sold Rewards Earned
25 ─ 50 € 150
51 ─ 100 € 250
101 ─ 150 € 400
151 ─ 200 € 600
201 ─ 300 € 800
301 ─ 400 € 1,000
400 + € 1,200